Greg Esser

Public Art

Project management

CityScape - Phoenix Arizona

This was a partnership with Red Development to add large-scale public art to this downtown mixed-use area. 

City of Phoenix - various projects

Greg worked with the city of Phoenix on a variety of innovative artists to invigorate the downtown. From the eye-catching massive piece “Art is a Guaranty of Sanity” by Louise Bourgeois in the Convention Center’s West building to the whimsical giant bugs found on the grounds, by artist Tom Otterness, Greg was able to help get these projects done. From finding the correct artist, to selecting the piece to the giant task of installing such pieces, Greg was instrumental in making these projects come to life.

Marina Heights - Tempe, Arizona

This was a partnership with some developer in Tempe. 

LA County Public Art

Greg worked to revitalize the public library with art.


City of Denver Public Art

This was a partnership with the city of Denver to do something. 

Alamar- Goodyear, Arizona

Greg worked with Brookfield Residential to make inviting and interesting public art for the community. Pieces are featured throughout the development in community spaces such as the parks, pool and pavilions.