Brockway House Information

In 2003, I set out to save and restore a significant Territorial home in downtown Phoenix that had been slated for demolition. This project has been part of on-going renovation work in the Evans-Churchill neighborhood.

When the house was originally built, visitors arrived on horseback. The building has a rich history of community service. It was built by Dr. George M. Brockway, an important early Arizona pioneer and his wife Esther. Dr. Brockway moved to Arizona from New York City in 1895 and served as the surgeon for the then blossoming town of Florence. He traveled throughout the region providing help to others, delivering babies and saving lives. He was also a very active citizen and served as Mayor of Florence in 1912 when Arizona finally became the 48th State.

Former Arizona Governor Rose Mofford remembers soldiers sleeping on the lawn of the house before they shipped off to war due to a shortage of short-term housing.

The renovation was made possible in part by support from the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office Demonstration Program.


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